Rules for renting Lion Club Karlskrona Community House Lyckeby

·   The facilities including furniture and amenities are rentable according to fee:

·   Weekdays: Part of day (4hrs max) 600 kr. Full day 1.200 kr.

·   Weekend: 1.200 kr.

·   Fee is to be paid in full no later than one week prior to arrival. Bankgiro 709-8809.

·   Temporary access code (for door entry) will be provided after full payment.

·   Concellation no later than one week prior to arrival.

·   Rentee is fully financially responsible for damage to the property and furniture and amenities.

·   Rentee disposes amenities, tableware etc wich shall be cleaned, washed and place into original storage.

·   Instructions for dishwasher is available in the kitchen. Power ON the dishwasher at least one hour before use to pre-heat the        water.

·   Usage of tape or other adhesive on walls or doors is expressivly prohibited.

·   Set the tables and chairs back to original placing.

·   After the event carefully wet clean the floors since they are renoveted as late as 2022. Lift furniture, do not drag furniture over       floors.

·   Remove your garbage from the premises.



For questions and inquires please contact:

Kerstin Olofsson tel: 0709-462024 or